Sunday, December 17, 2006

Watching the Worker's Back

Archie Archuleta, a Union and Labor supporter waves as part of a demonstration against Goodyear Tires. Goodyear is apparently moving factory operations offshore to China and cutting retiree's health care. Protesters often bring me mixed emotions. At times I think it is ridiculous, other times I wonder if it does any good, I hung out with these folks for most of the morning freezing my tuckus off on State Street and about 20th South. The interesting thing was none of them are employed by Goodyear, none of them work for any tire company. They were steel workers, non-union workers, insurance salesmen, and even some who were merely sympathetic to the situation. I doubt they even know any Goodyear employees. They do however recognize it could easily be their job and labor that is exploited next week and so they represent eachother vicariously as members of the American labor force. It must be nice to know that someone really does "have your back". I am going to avoid making any judgement on Goodyear's business practices, although now I recognize that those organized, are a force not only to the public view and corporate giants, but to eachother as well.

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