Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ola Constituents,

Its about time I entered into the arena of the future and started propagating all my frustrations, opinions, and mostly photos across the web. I recently started a new position at work and they hooked up a Mac Powerbook with an unlimited wireless card, so it is on. I am not sure why I am putting much thought into this as I am sure no one will read it, myself being the only person who knows about all this.


Sarah said...

Congratulations, Mike. You are now as geeky as the dudes I work with. I'll probably check this whenever I get bored at work, so you gotta keep it updated. Entertain Me!!!

Graton said...

I discovered your blog one hour ago and just finished enjoying it in its entirety. I found it personal, sensitive and courageous. Thank you for this beautiful collection. It was a privilege to see things through your lens for an hour.

Now, I will go back to finishing my dissertation. I am still thinking about several posts. Among them: your reflection and introspection on the prostitution sting photos, your brother's morning of departure, and your brother giving the "grublet" skateboarding tips.

Very best regards,

Lauren said...

Didn't think anyone would read your blog... and you end up making the "Blogs of Note." :P

I have viewed so much of your blog and still have a lot to go... but I'd have to say that you are a very gifted person. You not only take photos that lure people in but you also write intriguing and witty posts to reinforce them. Kudos!

Ricardo de Freitas said...

I was looking for a new blog to read then I found yours.

Man, you got a new instant fan!

Thank you for such beautiful pictures!

Suburban Frontier said...

Really enjoyed the slices of life.