Thursday, January 11, 2007

Paging fake Dr. Terry...fake Dr. Terry...& The "Hail Mary"

So as soon as I put scrubs on through some sort of fabric/textile osmosis I start thinking I am a doctor. Similar to thinking you are a emerging expert on emergency medicine after watching ER with your mom every thursday night. I tagged along with my sister in-law Elizabeth for a rhinoplasty earlier this week. Her doctor allowed me to photograph the surgery and document the entire procedure from start to finish. It was a pretty interesting experience. While shooting I didn't ever gag or close my eyes and hold the shutter button down like I had anticipated. I don't have the highest tolerance for blood and guts so I was pretty nervous. I even tried watching a full episode of Dr. 90210 but we all know the rhinoplasty surgeries aren't the ones keeping the ratings up. While I was shooting I didn't cringe or wince at all, later that night as I went through the photos with my brother Jeff, (Elizabeth's husband) I think I said the word GOO! like twelve times and have whiplash from jerking my head anywhere but infront of the computer screen. I will spare all of you faithful blogfans and post the pics on a separate gallery somewhere with a big disclaimer. It was all very interesting and a good experience. I have to acknowledge Elizabeth for being such a good sport about letting me tag along. In the final seconds of a football game often the quarterback will throw a long pass almost blindly into the endzone with hopes that a reciever will pick it up. This is commonly known as a "Hail Mary" pass. In photography there is something similar, whenever you hold the camera up over a mob of paparazzi or turned around on yourself without looking through the camera it is also considered a "Hail Mary". A co-worker covering a football game in Las Vegas emailed just about the entire newsroom a picture of him standing sandwiched between two showgirls dressed like peacocks in a casino lobby, Hail Mary style. This image started the highly intellectual conversation of who we would ever "Hail Mary". Couple guys asked me the "returned missionary" whether I would if I met Pres. Hinckley. One co-worker said, "If I met Denzel Washington I probably would, but just cause I know he would want me to." I thought and thought, maybe Dr. Albert Schweitzer, David Bowie, or Cyndi Lauper (just so I could email it to my mom and say I had just eloped). I didn't really give a good answer to those engaged in the conversation because I really couldn't think of anyone. Weeks later I sat in a laundromat waiting for my black socks to turn the rest of my underwear blue as I went through my take of the surgery. In the pre-op room where we spent a good three hours Elizabeth and I had a good talk. After hanging with her and watching at what a good sport she was through the whole thing I am proud to have finally found someone I could (in all my presumptiousness) "Hail Mary".


sarah said...

it's hard to do the hail mary self portrait with those big cameras... well done dude! and who did the vegas picture you speak of? you should send it to me so I can see if my guess of who it is is correct. said...

How many of these pictures do you have? honestly. I think 90% of the the pictures I've seen of you resemble this one.

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