Monday, February 19, 2007

Gregorious' Birthday

Last night my family looked at slides of all the places we have lived and visited. It started off with a slideshow Dad organized of Greg's childhood for his birthday. The transition into travel pictures was quite easy as to separate our childhoods from the locations in which we grew up visiting and living in is impossible. Thanks to Mom & Dad we all caught the learning bug. We all love to travel and experience those kinds of things that require looking. I always knew my father was a good photographer, but was suprised at some of his images from Switzerland, Prague, and other European destinations. I imagine Greg started shooting from what he saw in Dad's photos and Greg has influenced me as a photographer more than anyone ever will. I watched the slideshow and another generation was added to where my interests originate as pictures of us kids and Mom flicked on and off the screen. In January my other brother Bill had a birthday and announced that he and the family were moving to Georgia. He expressed his love and gratitude for my parents and how they kept us moving and learning. He mentioned it is going to be hard being on the opposite side of the country as the rest of our large family, but it is the same as what our folks did for us kids and luckily they see the benefits of changing the scenery. We had a huge meal cooked by Mindy and sat around with friends and family for the evening, the conversation being as diverse as the interests, talents and careers of the family. Happy Birthday Greg, you are a great father, photographer, and visionary.