Saturday, April 7, 2007

How to Get Married : A Paparazzi Story

I woke up this morning quite glad I didn't wake up as a Vietnam Army sniper. If I did, today would have been the last day of my life. Yesterday Scott Taylor let me crash on his couch in Provo in exchange for hiding in the bushes with a 400 mm lens while he proposed to his girlfriend in American Fork Canyon. I thought I was doing a pretty good job being covert until I looked at a few of the photos and saw that she was curiously looking directly into the lens. I am still very, ...very single but feel like I have been educated on how to get married. The following are the steps to tying the old knot, we will just skip past meeting someone who is eternally compatible who you are attracted to and then is in turn attracted to you and just skip to the proposal. Step 1: Have your photographer friend hide in the bushes on the other side of a canyon road on a 11 foot ledge above a rocky creek while you serenade your girlfriend with some sappy-sweet goodness.
Step 2 : Make your future wife read some love-letter that she can convieniently hold in front of her face while you sneak the hardware out of your pocket.
Step 3 : Propose and hopefully get a reaction like your lady is watching a De Beers commerial.
Step 4 : She says "Yes" or looks at you with really misleading eyes before saying, "funny you ask, I was thinking tonight we could talk about...things." Luckily this one worked out.
Step 5 : Let it sink in.
Step 6 : Make the photographer who is watching you feel really weird as you kiss...alot.

I am happy for you Scott and Tasia, enjoy the rest of your engagement.


Fly on the Wall said...

great series Mike!

Baroque said...

this made me laugh out loud ... ahhh how akwardly awesome for you. You are a good person for doing that because she will love those photos FOREVER I am sure.

PS said...

Nice post, especially the pictures, would make a wonderful wedding present!