Thursday, June 21, 2007

BMX Revival

Any of you fellow children of the 80's would remember how cool the movie "RAD" was. Needless to explain the 80's were a good decade for BMX racing. The scene where Cru "bike dances" with the woman who was Uncle Jessie's wife on Full House years later; to the song "Send Me An Angel" is thankfully forever etched in all our minds. Recently the International Olympic Committee added BMX to debut in Beijing. With this I predict the recent revival of BMX will not be shortlived. I am excited to see my nephews carry on their dad's and uncle's traditions on two wheels.


Baroque said...

love the sky and the outline of the little boys. boys and their bikes - so cute.

jvt65 said...

The 80's were good to bmx & Rad was the show. After riding hell track I quite racing... there was just no more challenges, I had done it all... Sometimes when it's late my mind goes back to those days of hell track & the nights of bike dancing.