Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coffee VS. Gasoline

So today I had to do a "photo illustration" of local Starbuck's and Panera's storefronts complaining that the recent gas hikes has caused them to lose business, especially through the drive through. I'm sorry but is that just not the most elitist, presumptious way of seeing things? Does anyone know how much a gallon's worth of Macchiato would cost? It would be like fifty bucks!


Sarah said...

I agree that that is a completely ridiculous thing for them to say... but I must say, I freakin' love Panera. Their whole grain baguettes are to die for, especially when coupled with their black bean soup. Sadly, I have been without for a very, very long time since they don't have them 'round these parts. Back in Minnesota they are everywhere, and I'm surprised I didn't go to one when I visited the homeland a few months back. I did hit up every other missed food joint though. This is the most ridiculous comment ever, but man, my mouth watered when you mentioned Panera. I forgot they existed.

Baroque said...

hahaha - utterly ridiculous. And the shot sums it up quite well.