Friday, June 1, 2007

Le Petit Chablis

Oui, Oui, zeeze arrre peectuures vrom a vrench ristarante in Canon City.
Wow, that is almost as politically incorrect as Pepe LePeu. These are especially for Sarah Kaye.


Baroque said...

good to see you back in the "loop" (not presumptuous at all - I think I check out your blog more than you do mine) your photos were much missed. Looks like you moved, yeah? ... and now I am being the presumptuous one – presuming you would want to share that information … so, yeah - I am reading a book that talks a lot about Colorado Springs right now. Anyway – if you did move, than I hope it is going well.

Chelsea said...

MIKE! You really are my favorite photographer. She is my friend and has a business so anything you can do to help out a friend:) I'll add you on as my another favorite! Thats funny you have Ryan on your screensaver, oh ya...I didn't even know you looked at our blog.

Sarah said...

I really do love food. Not just for the taste and the fact that it keeps me alive...its so much more enjoyable than that. Thanks for posting these, Mike, they make me excited for my cooking class. Go food. - SKA