Monday, July 9, 2007


Dominic Harden is stoked. After his sister started to ride a bike, the disappointment and frustration began to ferment inside. Dominic's femurs are not attached to his pelvis to a birth defect with a giant name and the acnonym of PFFD. These feelings eventually motivated him and his parents to get him on a hand cycle bike where he hasn't left since. He will be competing in a race this week that benefits The Children's Hospital. As I told others about what I shot today, each person said something to the effect of how sad it was that he was permanantly in this crouched position, especially when I told them he was only 13. It struck me as odd, only because after spending some time with him, he was just so happy and content to be outside and on his bike, pity and sympathy really had no opportunity to germinate in my mind. Being normal must be something that Dominic hates hearing about, but I don't think I have met a more normal 13 year old before.