Monday, August 13, 2007

New Life Church

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If you are from Colorado you know about the tumultuous 9 months the New Life Church in Colorado Springs has gone through. Their leader who brought the church up from a basement study group to one of the largest in the state was involved in a horribly messy scandal last year. As the media often does, many feel that it has been over reported, although many theorize that the scandal in a way (because of the leaders ties to President Bush) partially tipped the scales in recent Democratic victories in the House and Senate. All that aside the church has been reported and given more attention than I am sure they wanted, and for all intents and purposes, it wasn't their fault their leader made mistakes. Yesterday the long wait for a new pastor ended and Brady Boyd, a minister from Texas made his introductory sermon. After three weeks of preaching the congregation which is in the thousands will vote to secure his position. With all the bad feelings that could have been there, I was granted full access and freedom to shoot the service on Sunday. I was treated very well and given more access than I get at little league baseball games. The service went well, but I couldn't stop thinking about how open they were to the media, after all they had been through. It seemed very Christian for them to be so welcoming, especially in a time when the wound is still healing.


Sarah Kaye said...

What an incredible, interesting thing to witness and be semi-involved in. Stuff like this fascinates me. Maybe I should still get my degree in sociology... Watching the clip reminded me of how small my world is, but it's ok because it's my world.

Yeah, didn't mean to get all philosophical. Especially this early in the morning. Cool story, nonetheless.

joshMshep said...

I was in the service... you did a great job, Mike, of respecting the proceedings. A lot of the media get Up in Your Face making it impossible to focus on the message.

So thanks for your excellence, and the great video. New Life is certainly seeking God's will in this decision.

vantastic said...

Mike! my bf is getting married. i saw some wedding photos on here and told her about you. but do you just do it for friends? or do you have a site she could check out? do you travel? etcetera.

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