Monday, November 26, 2007

A Proud Day for the Terrys

Thanksgiving was really just a day of skating with an hour and a half break to eat dinner. Jeff and I picked our nephew Jake up at the house and took him to the nearest park to work up an appetite before dinner and Jake dropped in on a ramp for the first time. I was like 15 the first time I ever dropped in and he is 9. You would have thought we won the world series or something, it was a good day. While watching Jeff and Jake I started hoping that we were just at the beginning of a family tradition, something that we can all always do together for as long as we are able. Well done Jakie.


Juli3n said...

Hey, you are awesome. I like the same things you like and I must say that the photo you have of the sk8r doing that ledge is awesome.Im curious what editing programs do you use??

Mike Terry said...

Hey thanks for the comment, I don't know which of your blogs to check out first. I use photoshop cs2. It don't do too much outside of dodge/burn and contrast stuff, but the program can do soo much. Check out my buddies website, he shoots skating professionally here in slc. it is not updated but he is pretty sick. The skate scene is pretty big here due to the snowboarding scene.

Juli3n said...

yo ! I saw that page. It is pretty gnarly. I developed my own myspace for skaters and I will send you an invitation soon. And btw most of my blogs are made for advertising purposes i only have a couple true blogs..