Friday, December 28, 2007

BBC doesn't stand for what you think it does

My older brother Jeff gives me a hard time because I have a degenerative medical condition known as BBC. BBC isn't known to be contagious or cause any lasting effects outside embarrassment and shame, but affects over seven and a half Americans each decade. BBC is not a laughing matter. BBC stands for Baby Butt Crack Syndrome. BBC is not a laughing matter, but apparently even my parents think it is funny as they laugh at my brother's photo of me photographing my parents walking at Temple Square, that is pictured above.


Brent and Britta said...

Confession: I too have BBC. My siblings refer to it as "half moon"... You're not alone Mikey!

Sarah Kaye said...

I agree with your family, it is a laughing matter: bwahahahaha! Jeff needs a blog so I can give him props for that picture. Well done, Jeff.