Friday, January 11, 2008

The Source of My Inability to Build Anything with Legos

This is my brother Jeff, now we see why I can't put Legos together for crap, he obviously has sharing issues as he plays with little EE at my parents house over the holidays.


Anonymous said...

it's not my fault you were no good. you either have it or you don't... & you don't... sorry. Ethan may be the most talented legoer I have ever known but his ego & imaturity get in the way sometimes. On this particular evening I was quite frustrated because he seems to think that he can build whatever he wants instead of sticking to the syllabus that has been laid out before him. Only time will tell what kind of legoer he turns out to be.

Mike Terry said...

I won't let you ruin his life too by projecting your own broken dreams and Lego aspirations on his every move you monster. Waaaaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Why did you have to crush the "Taj Mahal" that he built. You should be ashamned - and you call yourself an uncle? Look at poor Ethan's face. Steve