Saturday, January 5, 2008

Snow Feature

Ryan Stonehocker is trying to acquire some more business with the happy but faceless face of his snowman outside his workplace Saturday morning. Who doesn't think engine lubrication when they see a snowman with black piercing eyes?


calanan said...


Have you seen the huge snowman on 7th E, close to the purple VW? It has to be at least 7' tall; We saw it the other night on the way to Chanon Thai but I didn't take a photo.

Sarah Kaye said...

Calanan, I've seen that massive snowman! Crazy huge. Looks like it used to be holding a sign or something. I wonder how long it took them to build it.

Mike, I feel so honored to have been added to your blog-nation (non-photo). I will do my utmost to remain worthy of it.

Ty Cobb said...

That is awesome great shot!

Britney said...

nice find! how are you dear? havent talked to you in forEVER.