Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Temporary Adoption

This is Jordan; Jordan likes frosting. He also has an uncontrollable urge to be everywhere in one room at once. He runs off of sugar, air, cotton fabrics and light. Although he might have exhausted his parents with his endurance on Sunday night, his frosting covered face made me remember how much I love spending Sunday dinner with a family. There is something universally inclusive about Sunday dinner, and I will never tire of comfortable conversation, settling bellies, and being temporarily adopted for an evening. To the Brook's family; many thanks.


Chelsea said...

that is a cute kid...and i feel a little offended we didn't make your blog-nation (non-photographers) list...rude:)

teresa hammond said...

Remember me Teresa Hamilton now Hammond.
just browsing around and stumbled upon your blog nice to see you, your work is amazing I am very sad though, I was looking for a photographer a while back to take pictures of a toy we developed we ended up taking them ourselves and they suck!!! the website is www.peekaboostuff.com anyway looks like life is good take care!