Sunday, March 30, 2008

Barrister's Ball, DePaul University Law School - Chicago

Autumn & I have been friends since junior high, we used to go to dances in high school and so it was only fitting that I flew out to attend "Law School Prom" with her. I only took photos of us getting ready and had to force myself not to take my camera along with me. The week was so hectic I decided I needed to just relax so I turned my phone off, didn't check my email, only took a few photos and caught up with friends who feel more like family, in the city called windy. As a teenager I always felt so epic walking into a dance with Autumn on my arm, and not surprisingly it felt the same as we strolled into the hall at Soldier Field. She has an uncanny loyalty to her friends unlike anyone else I know and could not have been happier to be her date. Thanks for the invite Phautumn, love you to death, I'm so proud of you for graduating law school. Thanks for being my connection to one of this nation's greatest cities.


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Sarah said...

I'm going to prom this weekend. 80s prom. Rules.

Chad and Maresa said...

Hey Mike! I came acrossed your blog a few weeks ago and have been spying on you! I love these pictures of Autumn and you. It reminds me of Jr.High. I miss those days and the weird transformations we all went through. Anyway, I'm huge fan of your work. And I miss you and everyone else!