Friday, March 7, 2008

Final Night of Utah Legislature

The Utah Legislature wrapped up couple nights ago. After a lawmaker made a joke after the clock struck midnight, one of the interns said, "They shouldn't get paid to pass laws or write jokes,...the writers strike must still be in effect here in Utah." Kinda funny. My favorite thing about slideshows is that you can show a totally different side of an event. It doesn't always have to be exactly what the story is on, in fact it is often better if it is different and doesn't regurgitate the print story. Out of all the people I met that night, the pages were my favorite. These ladies were all around the age of my mom and just hilarious. They scurry around the desks of the lawmakers bringing them everything from important notes from lobbyists to rootbeer floats from the kitchen. Watch the slideshow and you can see more about what these ladies do. The quote of the week was when I asked one of them regarding the role of food in the legislative process. She replied, "If we didn't feed them the wheels of democracy would come to a grinding halt."

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Chris Detrick said...

nice work Mike. only 11 more months until it all starts again.