Thursday, April 3, 2008

Skatin' for Jesus

Jesus Field in Layton is an after school program for kids to come and skate every Wednesday. The owner's give a 10 minute message each Wednesday and provide a safe positive place to skate, socialize and eat....Christian style.


tai and joe said...

Hey Mike, this is Tai Anne "Goldsberry" Jeppson, I saw you on Ryan and Chelsea's blog. That picture of the army men that you took is my hubby's bro. We were wondering if we can buy a copy of it? I left you a comment below with some info if that is okay with you? It was fun to see you its been forever. said...

I've been thinking about how I wish I could skateboard a lot the past few days. Love the color in the middle one and love the light in the vertical. Sweet shots man.