Thursday, April 10, 2008

Texas....Day 2

I woke up early, early, skipped the Texas shaped waffles at the motel and went back to a good vantage point just outside the perimeter at Fort Concho. Dr. Fisher at the U once talked to me about taking "finger pointing" photos. Basically a photo needs to have something more than someone who looks different, dresses different or is homeless. Trying to avoid this approach was on my mind, although I felt like I was poaching from the fence of a game preserve or something. I was glad the evening before another photographer clued me into the historic and social importance of what was happening, this helped me stay focused and not get too self conscious about photographing the women and children at breakfast.
A group of boys crowded on the porch across the way, they were separated from many of the women, one was even taking photographs of the morning. The morning was very cool which brought out a few families to the lawn. Law enforcement was everywhere.

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