Friday, May 9, 2008

Lost & Found

This is Matt and Andrew. While hanging out with them today I never asked whether they resented the nickname, "Lost Boys", meaning young men who were either asked to leave or left on their own accord from polygamous societies. I found them all to be very amiable and genuine. Matt especially seemed to be really solid. He said the other kids refer to him as "House Daddy." He was one of half a dozen volunteers who run "The House Off Of Bluff." A home specifically used as a transition for kids who leave polygamous groups. Matt left 10 years ago and although he originally didn't want to come to the house, he has now found a calling and passion for helping others like him. He is currently studying mechanical engineering at Dixie State in St.George.


Chad and Maresa said...

Hey Mike!

Its me Maresa! I'm wondering if you still do family photo sessions or if you would want to! Email me if your interested! Thanks!

Sarah Kaye said...

Wow, what an interesting, cool group of men to be able to meet.

PS. My co-worker Kory is taking a photography class at the U and he said they talked about you and your pics the other day as an example of good photography. Kory thinks you are an amazing photographer, which you are.