Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jeff Terry; The Missionary of Skate

My brother Jeff came to visit last week. We had a few good skate sessions. I woke up late and we got to Logan just in time to drop in the bowls and watch them fill with rain. We rolled over to Directive hoping they would know where some indoor ramps were. We were stoked to find that the shop came to their senses and opened their ramp back up in the back of the shop. There were two brothers inside, Jeff calls them grublets. Basically another word for kids as high as my waist who can skate better than us. The youngest one clung to an old skateboard and just watched, it was his very first day skateboarding and had yet to actually get on the board. It didn't take very long until Jeff was in the middle of the ramp teaching little Justin how to ride a transition. Everyone watched this older skater take time to teach some grublet how to roll. It took a little while but made the kids day, I could never be impatient with his charitable lessons. I used to be the grublet, taking up his time. For being the adrenaline junkie he is, he must get something equally potent from getting people into skateboarding. I watched little Justin roll back and forth, bending slightly on his thrashed crooked board and spun the new wheels on my deck. Jeff bought them for me a day earlier because mine were getting old. That is just how Jeff is, comes to visit for his birthday and drops 50 bucks on skate wheels for his little brother; the missionary of skate.


BIG B...little b said...

Jeff is awesome. I love that guy.

BNic said...

Love the color in this one, and the moment. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how curiosity gets the better of you, or me I should say...I had to take a peek at your site, I love your pictures and your think you are over someone, forgotten your feelings, and then I see this picture and read your comments, and its intresting how easily those feelings and memories come flooding back...curiosity and questions now occupy my mind temporarily...I hope you and your fmaily...your brother are doing well.

Liz Tanner