Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rusty Random First Football Game of the Season Pie

It's football season. I got to the field early and holding all my gear managed to get a cheesburger, chips and soda and eat on the edge of the field before the game. Nice evening light, Eminem & ACDC blaring on the loudspeaker, grilling meat wafting through the air; I put the chips inbetween the buns of the burger, smiled and remembered how much I love my job. I know there's a lot on this post, but c'mon it's been a whole year.


August Miller said...

we do have a great job, don't we. I was surprised this morning when I picked up the paper and saw a completely different photo on the sports page than I had talked to the slot guy about...go figure. Hope to see some great picks on here from the Utah Weber State game..last night preps, today college, tomorrow the world.

Drew said...

I agree with August. Looks like all your images came after I left by looking at the light. I hate our bullshit deadlines! Well done and look forward to meeting up one of these weekends soon.

Djamila Grossman said...

hey mike, so everyone tells me to get in touch with you. I swear. everyone. where ever I go in this country, they hear utah and they say 'jeez you really HAVE to go meet mike...he's awesome.' ok. so there. I'm giving in. how's it going? nice to meet you in the blogosphere. maybe I'll even get to meet you in person some day. In ogden or I'll look you up on one of my trips to slc.

irene said...

Mikey! elaine has referred me to your blog. your pictures are great. as usual. come visit me:

hope you're doing well! said...

You are random pie. To the core of the essence of it all.

Anonymous said...

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