Thursday, October 16, 2008

RSL @ Rio Tinto Stadium

The strange white airport looking thing from the freeway, right around 90th South is ReAl's new home; Rio Tinto Stadium. These are from the inagural game. With about ten seconds left in the national anthem, we finally got the roof access we were waiting for (via a mysterious door in the 2nd floor mens room). "Roof Access" is a funny term as there really isn't a roof, rather a precariously placed catwalk that runs the length of the stadium on the very edge of the white overhangs. The staircase up to the catwalk was pretty frightening. Myself, Leah Hogsten and Rick Egan (Tribune) all ran up as if we were dashing to jump off the edge, watching the heads of the people hundreds of feet below whiz by through the spaces between the steps. Rick and I dashed to the middle of the catwalk and caught the fireworks at the end of the anthem. They were kinda a let down, (hence no picture - I liked the one of the team from above better.)
From up there I was afraid to even pull my phone out for fear of it landing on someone below, I would rather not see my name in NPPA magazine for something like that. It was cold up there and the excitement of sport, photography, and the moment all sort of coagulated together, I have been a bit of a stress case lately with shooting, that night reminded me how much fun this is.


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