Thursday, October 16, 2008

Urban Lounge - 4 Years Later

What a name...Urban Lounge, this is where the lounge is...for urban people. Not sure why I was there...besides to lounge. Halee's brother's band played and she invited me to come along. As I payed the cover that night I remembered the last time I was there nearly four years ago, I had just returned to the States from Germany after being gone for quite awhile and watched the Debbie Grahamn Band, it was my reintroduction to American Pop Culture. The place didn't look any less seedy, maybe some new furniture. So much has happened since then, walking through the doors and getting my hand stamped just brought it all back. The two friends I was with back then, one is married now, the other somewhere far. That night Jade Wang told me she could get me a job selling phones if I needed some dough. A few weeks later I was slinging phones like crack and hating every single minute of it. One day August Miller came in and was probably bored so he started talking to me about phones and I talked to him about photography at the news...four years later I cringe when I walk by a cell phone kiosk in the mall and am so grateful for running into August that day, I shudder to imagine myself hanging my fingers on my belt buckle with the words "Assistant Kiosk Manager" below my name. Two paths, two fortunes, two lives, both originating at...of all places, The Urban Lounge. I guess the moral of the story, if there is one, is as obscure as a band may be, as inconsequential as a night out may seem, one day-years later you may feel a strange gratitude for a seedy bar that hasn't changed a bit since your last visit.


Baroque said...

I know this feeling ... a day you think will not be remembered turns out to be a beginning ... and you never can really plan for that. Awesome that you remember it though ... your words are always just as good as your pictures ... sometimes even better.

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