Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We search the arenas of everyday for warm pockets of acceptance and inspiration. You just have to be alone in a new place once in awhile to be reminded. I have been traveling a bit lately and I would notice across a soft lit restaurant or bar, groups of friends gathering, the I would remember how nice it is to have a community, a group, a haunt, maybe even a legacy in embryo. For being such a small place, we have an extraordinary tight photo community here along the Wasatch Front and a new blog has recently been launched to keep up connected. So if you're into photojournalism and are curious about what we're up to out here, pay us a visit.

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This photo is from a recent party we had as a bon voyage sort of thing for Craig Dilger.
Because the actual guy who conceptualized and launched the blog wasn't there (Trent Nelson) I snuck his picture in the group photo. See if you can find him...shouldn't be too hard.
There are dozens of photographers not pictured who contribute as well, so bookmark the site and check out their work.


Chris Detrick said...


Deshaine said...

Just guessing... the guy to the far left? There's no flash give-away on him.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to find out how many, of all the photoJs in the area, would consider the community, "tight knit." Aside from trent, everyone in this photo is relatively new to the area.

Mike Terry said...

woah...kinda a gnarly comment. you're right though, most of the shooters in the photo are in our first years, I think that is why we all connect so well, all scraping to get better and see where this industry goes. I started here little over three years ago and have been helped by just about every shooter here, older and newer, that's really what I meant. Kinda veiled comment, but thanks for looking I guess.