Saturday, September 19, 2009


If you are interested in Bio-Fuels check this guy out, had an assignment last week where a USU grad student is proposing using the land surrounding freeways that cost state and federal funds to mow - into bio-fuel farms. They are testing safflower and canola plants right now to see how well they grow in a dryfarm/poor soil situation. With all the controversy surrounding bio-fuel speculation this seems like it could be an option.

Check it out for yourself if you're interested. It seems to me that we will never find one source to replace fossil fuels, but may make a dent with a combination of several other options.


NJ said...

I really like this shot!
My grandfather grew canola in Saskatchewan when I was a kid..back then they called it rape seed. Everything these days seems to have a politically correct name

Meg said...

Ah, what a lovely sun. It's been raining non stop up here in the mountains, so it's nice to see the sun is still shining somewhere. Great shot, Mike.

eda said...