Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drive By

Consider this my second installment of Delhi transportation.
Don't worry, I'm done with buses and roadways after this one.

You know that moment when the bag of popcorn in the microwave really gets going? It isn't an occasional pop or snap, rather a completely random symphony of excitement and you listen wondering if Orville Redenbacher is bringing your kitchen to the brink of destruction and you worry whether the speed and intensity will eventually slow down from what it's grown to - thats pretty much how the traffic is there. It looks and feels like a constant apex, the streets are whether you are flying along or stopped in traffic you are surrounded.


Anonymous said...

how did you get to be in india? and are you planning on staying in delhi or moving around? im currently at school up in the mountains, in mussoorie. cant wait to hear more of your travels in india!

Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful job on both of the transportation slide shows.

Jacquelyne said...

I loved shot #9! What a nice set!

Miss said...

I am not sure which I like better, the pictures or the analogy ! =) haha

What is it that you do? I mean, are you just free lance and if so, how does that work. Or do you work for someone. You are obviously everywhere...maybe even at the same time !!=)

Mike Terry said...

I attended a workshop sort of thing up in Manali (Himachal Pradesh) with some other photographers, you can check it out at and then I did a couple stories in Delhi for the paper I work for to help finance the trip. Where is Mussoorie?

Mike Terry said...

I work staff for a daily newspaper in Salt Lake City, to be honest this last year has been not super typical, with all the traveling and such, it's been great, some of the traveling has been for freelance and non photo related stuff. Thanks so much for looking and commenting.

eda said...