Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morning to Morning : New Delhi

If you can remember those cheesy Family Circus cartoons from way back, there was a single picture with Jeffy's route through the neighborhood and mischief signified by a dotted black line, dipping and rolling up, around and over dozens of situations.
A full day in this city felt like that, I often imagined what my line would look like as I sat with weavers and stitchers in small rooms off of the beaten path or explored back alleys and tall buildings. There is a electric wave of excitement that seeps through my veins when I realize how hard it would be to find me.


Drew said...

Okay, remind me again why in the hell you were in New Delhi? So were there photos everywhere you looked or did you really have to get down and dirty to find the behind the life of a New Delhian? Oh and why is it called "New" Delhi, what happened to the old one?

Mike Terry said...

You are so inquisitive, I love it!
Thanks for the comments, I was there for a workshop and 2 stories for the news. Old Delhi, also known as just Delhi is just the older part of town. I know, sorry to disappoint, isn't the most exciting explanation.

As far as photos being everywhere, they are totally, but it gets overwhelming and then easily your photos start sucking cause you are spazzing out, you know? that's at least how i felt.

Thanks for the comments man!

photo said...

Great images, they take me back to Delhi. Mike you're so correct about spazzing out in that country. Delhi is overload on every sense, but a cool place.