Friday, November 13, 2009

Football Noir

It is the state tournament right now. It amazes me how good high schoolers are. That guy caught the pass in the middle photo for the first TD of the game. The last photo was after a dropped pass. The incompletion didn't decide the game or anything but the poor guy was so frustrated at himself, he was taken back out to the sidelines the next play and I watched him hang his head on the sidelines and angrily unsnap his chin strap. I always say that sports really don't matter, they are just a distraction, but say that to the senior who won't forget that pass for the rest of his life, then I remember my last high school soccer game or cross country race and go back on my words.


Ariana Torrey said...

I was in Sports last night and we marveled at your photos, especially that one where the kid was basically upside down on his head. Someone asked, "who shot them?" and the reply, "Mike Terry." And then everyone just kind of looked at each other like, "well that explains it then."

Good work, as always. (and as expected now haha)



Miss said...

I LOVE these!!

and I don't even like FOOTBALL =)

Steve Gravano said...

Excellent photos Mike.

Di said...

oh god. that kid's neck looks like it's being broken. awesome pictures, but the angle made me cringe.

It's not letting the OpenID work. This is Di, you know, with the standard.

kaybates2 said...

I teach at Juan Diego and showed this to my students who play on the team. They LOVED these! Great photos!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fellow Salt Lake City citizen who happened to stumble upon your blog, and must say that these black & white pictures are amazing.

Eve Wetlaufer said...

Great action shots! I especially love the last one - radiates such emotion.

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