Friday, January 8, 2010

Berlin Pt. 4: "Caputh....not Kaputt"

When we arrived, we took the train to Potsdam where Mila went to high school. From the sterile blue check seats I watched her watch the landscape between Berlin and Potsdam pass with a familiar nonchalance. How many times she had been on that train line. Memories tucked into the rails, neighborhoods and woods along the way. It had been only a few months since we were in Germany but something felt distinctly different this time. Since we had met, we had not managed to be there together.

As we skirted away from Berlin told me she used to live just outside of Potsdam in Caputh, "Kaputt?" I asked, she smiled and laughed, shaking her head. They sound so similar yet mean such different things. I smiled back because it seemed indicative of the truthfully few things we ever disagree over. As much as we have in common, it is amazing the small things that you discover along the way that reveal differences in mindset and opinion you never could have imagined when you merge nationalities. As much as we would like to avoid it, where we come from influences so much more than the color or language of our passports.

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