Saturday, July 17, 2010

EZRA : Issue 1 Vol. 1

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I worked on a story last summer (post above) and came home not entirely pleased with my photos. My time there was rushed and I was a bit too optimistic on how much I could get done for what I was hoping to gain access to. After a year of sitting on the photos, I decided to start an independent zine and use the photos for the first issue.

Above is the layout of the zine. Although I started with my work, the idea of the zine is to show off the work of other photographers, writers, artists, etc. This is my first attempt, hence the incredibly small scale. If you have any suggestions or recommendations of work to be featured in Ezra or want a copy to be mailed to you, please email me at


Kimberly said...

Mike I love this...this is awesome...i want to mail you my friends Zine...

Michael said...

Me likey EZRA.

Mike Terry said...

I would love to swap them, you can send it to my work

mike terry
deseret news
30 e. 100 south
salt lake city, utah 84111

Lennard Grahn said...

Looks nice- did you name it after This guy?

Fall said...

Nice idea for a mag. I hope EZRA has a long and interesting life.

Did they find the hiker???

Mike Terry said...

I actually named it after my uncle Ezra Lytle. He was a cowboy in southern Utah and I always liked the name. Once I found out the name meant "helper" in Hebrew I figured that would be a good name for the zine.