Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I sometimes feel weird about posting work from sad situations right after they happen, I always talk myself out of it. Then weeks or months later you get to the photos again and for some reason it is like the time has made things different, in the very least for me. Nothing has really changed, in this case Grantsville and the Byrd family are most likely still in mourning. But the photos are easier to look at as "records" and less a peek into a sensitive and current reality somewhere close.

Anyways, this was a woman from the road into Granstville as the funeral procession for PFC Jordan Byrd passed en route to the cemetery. He was killed in Afghanistan earlier this year. It was a frustrating situation as a photographer because I couldn't stop on the street or else I might not make it ahead of the procession to the graveside, and there were so many moving images of people waiting by the side of the road that I had to pass. With so many people out supporting the family, the desire to do the situation justice - photographically was pretty strong. Passing group after group I thought of the photos from the TRAIN that carried Robert F. Kennedy's body. Collective reverence is always a humbling thing to see.

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Marcus said...

I had never seen or heard anything about those photographs from the train carrying JFK. That was an incredible narration. Thanks for posting that link.