Saturday, November 20, 2010


In a quick trip I took some time to jet out of town and see some friends, do a little work etc. Falling in line with every other lesson, things are never how I think they will be, but keeping my heart open the requisite amount, the experience tends to be what I needed. Independently roaming in and out of solitude and the lives of a few friends, I could inspect the greenness of the "other-side's" grass and remember how lucky I am to have discovered photography - if for nothing else than the relationships it's afforded me.
The thread of caring about art and photography seems to facilitate the ability to pick up exactly where we left off. If I crashed on your couch this past week, if I bought you groceries I could trade you for cash cause my ATM card wasn't working, if you made me french toast out of banana bread, if you informed me that Cameron Crowe and James Cameron are NOT the same person at 3:30 a.m. while ripping on Avatar, if you took me on a walk through Greenpoint, or if you gave me a ride from Virginia...thanks.
Fortunately for a guy who just blew a bunch of money on a trip to clear his head; friends and those I care about are the most valuable commodity I have.

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