Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BYU v. Florida

After stalking Jimmer for a good reaction all game I feel like this was the moment where the possibility of winning the game left his mind, kicking and screaming while digging it's claws into the walls of his brain upon exit.

{1998 Box Elder, Utah}
I'm watching game 6 of the NBA finals, Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz, in the basement and my mother is standing on the spiral staircase at the back of the room trying to pretend she doesn't care about basketball and is headed upstairs, filled to the brim with disinterest. She is watching over her shoulder revealing her veiled but vested interest with gasps and "oh my goodness"...'s. Although it seemed like she was watching the game like a lottery broadcast with a winning ticket, if you were to ask her one other team in the NBA besides the two on the court playing TV at that moment, you might have been hard pressed for an answer. Crossing all my fingers in the final minutes of that game, I remember looking at her standing halfway up the staircase watching through the actual steps, thinking this is the funniest woman in the world.

I was sent to New Orleans last week to cover BYU v. Florida in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Championships. It was a stressful game to watch and was amazed at how worked up I got as I really don't follow sports much anymore. In the final minutes of the game last week, I remembered that game over ten years ago and realized I was definitely my mother's son. When I talked to her a few days ago, she asked how I liked the French Quarter and then said..."Oh, that was too bad for them...You know I had a hard time watching that game." I laughed back remembering I felt like I was gonna barf on my lap full of cameras when they went into overtime.

To see the gallery from the game visit HERE.

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Julie said...

Mike... you are a wordsmith and a magician with the camera! I am so proud to know you.