Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bad Hersfeld

I woke up outside of Bad Hersfeld? I think it's in Hessen...maybe? It is a quiet and gorgeous morning from the hum of the train through the green grey glass to the fields outside. Slowly as the light rises I am plunging deeper into the Germany I know. Across from me a woman's head falls as she fights sleep, to my left a father and son discuss delays and connections. They have a pair of license plates, I imagine they are picking up a car. One of the last manly things on earth.

It is a color I haven't seen in years outside. It feels a part of me somehow. Like it was scraped from the inside of my cheek where it's camped since my childhood. It is the color of lake water and dust, green brown and grey mixed together in a color that only means life as the sun rises somewhere and heats everything with a latent pale yellow.

Headed to Bonn for an orientation for all of the grantees. I look like such a dork. I haven't shaved since the wedding, and tried to polish the turd by wearing a tie. It's like I look even more suspect in a group of academics when I try too hard. Can't wait for that group picture.

Time has officially passed. I ate McDonalds at the trainstation this morning and had the annual realization that it is terrible food and makes pieces of your soul die. Don't know what chemical is in the food, but it always makes you forget how you felt the last time you ate there. Must be hitting some kinda milepost every time that happens.


amy said...

dude, i didn't know you have a blog! but i should have figured. i meant to send you a reply to your message - thanks for the note! your photos were awesome. sigh.... gone are the days...

Writer Lady said...

A journey back to where you once lived is interesting. Nothing is the way you remember it, but it's all so familiar. I hope it's a good trip.