Saturday, October 29, 2011

Below / EPA Superfund sites of Utah Pt. 1

(This project ran the week I got married in August so I never got around to posting it. Amy Choate-Nielsen of the Deseret News wrote the three part story.)

A lifetime of memories flicker in the shadows of Nelda Lisonbee's back yard.

As she stands in the grass on a warm June afternoon, her long white hair pulled back into a youthful ponytail that curls down the middle of her back, Lisonbee can see the places her children played — the dirt, the canal — and of course, the image of her husband of 54 years always working the ground.

Her little white house sits at the top of a tiny hill in West Jordan, on a street lined with ramblers on one side and factories on the other. She once had a giant garden here — a small farm, really — where she grew enough food to completely feed her family of seven for five years. There were peach trees, pigs and turkeys, all keeping her family alive.

"There's no place I'd rather be than right here," she says as a cool breeze washes over her face.

But then again, sometimes she wishes she'd never lived here at all.
-Text by Amy Choate-Nielsen / Deseret News


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