Monday, October 10, 2011


Still alive, living in the Charlottenburg area of Berlin at the moment. We've had a couple assignments for school and because I gave all my gear back to the newspaper, I only have my father in-laws point and shoot camera until my gear arrives next week. It's been a needed lesson on pride and humility when my photos are shown in class and I'm glad i don't know what's going through my classmates' minds when they think,..."didn't he say he worked for a newspaper in the states?...." Anyways, i'll try and post some more once I get the camera and am done with the first two weeks which are said to be the burliest.


Steve Gravano said...

It's the eye that matters. Looks to me you still have it. It's just hard working within the limitations of what is known to you.

Writer Lady said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos. The ones you posted are pretty interesting to me.

Mark Johnston said...

Just brag you're so good that you're challenging yourself with the point and shoot and they should too.