Monday, December 5, 2011

Greg & the Chrysler Building

The Cricket and I stayed a block away from the Chrysler building in New York last week. I came back to the states to meet her and do some business then relax for Thanksgiving. We were walking home from a meeting and I realized we were so close to it. All I could think about was my brother Greg. In the same week he would be in a waiting room at a Utah hospital expecting his new daughter Issabella into the world as I stood at the foot of a style I only recognize because of him. After moving to Utah I connived ways to stay with him and my other brother Bill in Salt Lake for weekends during the summer and long weekends away from school. Slowly I picked up on his sense of style and his appreciation for design. Never pretentious or high brow, he seemed spun of a fabric that seeked the transcendental form. After graduating I moved to Salt Lake and was able to work with him at a photo processing company downtown and continued to wade through the bits and pieces of his brain until leaving Utah in 2002.

Before leaving for Berlin we had a long talk on the phone and he asked me to send him a photo of the Chrysler building for his office. I left too quickly and never found the photos I had from previous trips. I had forgotten about my failed assignment until we literally walked across the base of the building a couple weeks ago. It amazes me how a building, a space, can translate to such a connection between two people who have never stepped inside.

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Writer Lady said...

I've never seen it either. I hope little Issabella has arrived and is now being adored by her parents and her uncles. Merry Christmas.