Thursday, February 23, 2012

Teufelsberg / Berlin

            This was from last November and is part of what will probably end up being my masters project here in Berlin. I am still in the early stages of getting stuff together but wanted to start putting feelers out. The idea is to photograph former structures of the U.S. Military in Germany that are either in the process of or haven’t yet been repurposed, torn down or rebuilt. I am hoping to make the photo project less about the structures themselves and more about the relationship between them and people who are in one way or another connected to them. I think it will (hopefully) be really interesting to see the way peoples feelings change in relation to structures as the political reasons they were built in the first place, dramatically change. For instance this is a former CIA listening station, now it is a place for young people to sneak into and have parties.

          So with that background, if anyone knows friends or family members who have lived or still live in Germany and are/were connected with the military I’d love a chance to talk with them. Ideally I am looking for people who were stationed at places that have since been closed. Like I said this is probably going to be for my masters degree which won’t really be finished for another 18 months, so just keep it in mind in case you ever run across anyone. I’ve learned that so much comes through connections with other people so I wanted to put it on the blog radar so to speak. If you ever want to throw something my way, feel free to email muchas gracias, -mt

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BWJones said...

Dude, this project is so cool... I'll put out some feelers and see what I can drum up. It might also help to crowd source some information by posting a list of potential sites you are interested in, then letting people contact you if they served there.