Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pie Scratch

I decided to start posting some of my scratchbook pages. When I was about 13 I started keeping a journal with bits of paper and memory stuck inside. It started out as a record of all the cute girls in my junior high I was nervous to talk to and has progressed from writing around pictures from memorable moments, to leaving the words out almost completely. Most of my books are still in the states, but I brought the last two with me. The site will be a periodic update of old and new pages. The majority of the pages are built from photos while working in Utah and the newer ones are our life here in Berlin. I’ve put down just a handful to launch the blog and will try to keep it updated with more new and old stuff. Check it if you’re up for it. p.s. I should say,…when I was in high school, my friends used to rib me for playing with markers, glue and photos, etc. It was because their moms all were insane into scrap booking and there was unfortunately a striking resemblance. When the Cricket and I first started dating she for some reason started calling it scratchbooking and it stuck. By adding the word scratch, in a moment it became a manly thing to do.

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Chelsea said...

I remember that book well! I am so glad you still do that... I am jealous. Hope all is well for you two!