Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The Cricket was on assignment in Hobrechtsfelde so I came with her to help with the late night and early morning aspects. She rode her mountain bike to the gate and I rode her mother's bicycle...the purple Diamant. I love that bike, only one gear but it is so fast, has semi thick tires and is old enough to make me nostalgic. We rode the dirt path to the gate and rode up the foresters tracks to the wood where the wild horses munched and nomadically changed places. She needed photos of them on the meadow but they refused to leave the wood. We shot photos around the meadow trying to bend the light somehow to make photos to work on a page but nothing was working. Long after I felt like leaving the sun dipped past the pines and the dew collected on the long grass. We heard movement and looking down a path the stallion came out first, 10 meters from us. He looked at us, and walked further towards the meadow followed by two dozen other horses of various size. Other than the fat sounding snap of the shutter, all we heard was the earthy and round crunch of grass. The sun had retreated and the so called wild horses were out. Before long a young buckskin female trotted up to us in her "wildness" and started licking the tires of our bikes which lay on the ground. Resembling a giant dog she brought her nose to our shirts and hands. The fuzzy peach jaw was appealing to me, but we needed to get photos and so we kept retreating, hoping to create distance between e between ourselves, the mares and stallion. We stayed, watching the herd for awhile, until it was almost too dark to ride home. She got the photos she needed and we retreated to our little home for the night. We unsuccessfully attempted to order a pizza at our tiny hotel to just fall asleep on a twin mattress in our tiny room trying to watch the Euro 2012 football highlights from the day. To see another view click HERE

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