Saturday, November 3, 2012

St.George Rodeo / Utah

Kaefer picked me up from the airport and we drove directly to 11 rounds of pool. The next morning, central Utah opened up in the form of a highway and he watched the odometer; the engine would turn over to a 100 thousand before we would return to Salt Lake. The mountains changed from brown to green, and then green to red as we looked for the Bluff Street exit. By dark we were sitting on concrete steps, watching the rodeo in dry desert air. Draped in cameras, we ate warm burgers and the ice from an open Coke cup stampeded towards my face with every sip. These photos are dedicated to my 50 1.4 lens, that bounced down the steps and hit a lady square in the back, shattering the poetic moment just described. Thanks to Peter C. for letting us borrow his Mamiya 6x7 for the rodeo.

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