Monday, January 1, 2007

Schmeeli's Bachelor Party

Schmee, or Elias as he was named is getting married on Wednesday. I realized today how lucky I am to be a man, I didn't have to organize a wedding shower and buy him a bunch of gross gifts and male lingerie. Although planning a bachelor party is hard when all you have to rely on for ideas are from movies and television. Alchohol and strippers weren't exactly the direction we were looking for so Ryan (co-planner) and I had an uphill battle. Now that it is over I am pretty proud of how well we preserved the "man-ness" of the night without getting drunk and debasing women in the unfortunate tradition of bachelor parties. After rallying around in go-karts in a warehouse in West Layton we ate steamy bbq at Famous Dave's and talked about the glory days. It was good to remind ourselves how cool we once were. Not sure what has happened to us since, but I realized the potency of any event or moment can be appraised by what it feels like to look back. Congrats to you Schmee, Eazy-E, Sleezy, Johnson and every other name we have called you since junior high. Good luck as you start a whole new set of glory days. Hopefully you as well as the rest of us can figure out how to be cool again.