Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Wedding Schindig

This is a little teaser photo for Eli and Christy who are on their honeymoon in Whistler right now. The wedding went well, everything looked pretty and nice, the line was bigger than outside Port O' Call on a Saturday night. I drove up to The Lodge in Brigham thinking I should have brought extra clothes cause I would probably kick it with the old friends from high school that night. Then I realized in a soft wave of melancholy that with Eli getting married I was the last one and all the high school guys now had wives. Unless I wanted to help Ryan and Chelsea put the twins to bed or watch CSI or some other lame cop-drama that married people probably watch with Johnny and Linsdey, I was probably out of luck. I was thinking of trying to beat Eli and Christy to their hotel room and find a way inside so I could be sitting there on the bed with Yahtzee and Arrested Development on DVD and greet them with a "So what are we up to tonight? I can't wait for the breakfast here tomorrow morning." I decided against that and drove home to Salt Lake. The wedding was wonderful, I spent the day seeing friends that border on the level of family. Eli & Christy: Thanks for having me photograph the day and have fun in the snow and sheets.


Ryan said...

Impressive Mike.....very impressive. I somehow stumbled upon this masterpiece. Why didn't you tell me about this. I always knew you were good, but this.....the pictures and the stories. It really is awesome. I think you're onto something. Chelsea read it and said "he is so talented I could puke" and I agree. I told you when you were on your mission, after reading one of your great letters, that you should make a career out of it. I think you are well on your way. I am still waiting about for the book you told me about the first time I talked to you in Jr. High, you know the one about the Swiss Bank or something. Not sure if you remember.
Keep this thing updated..I am now a regular.

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