Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby...take me back, I'll never leave again!

These photos are for all those faithful blogfans who still hang around although I took a few months off in September and October. Huntington, Utah - Crandall Canyon Mine
Prep Golf
Stansbury Park Cyclone
Heroes Concert
Shaun White after falling at the Dew Tour

Remembering Tammy
Football Season - Cottonwood vs. Dixie
Fresh Utah Quarters off the press
Prep Volleyball
Gov. Hunstman distributing Utah Quarters to school kids


Sarah Kaye said...

I may be biased, but I love the Shaun White photo. Oh how I wish I could have been there. Curse you Ririe-Woodbury!!

the.kim.peterson said...

You are golden. I love that you rain blogs. also, I had a date tonight. And, I need your phone number again cause my phone broke.

Natalie L. said...

I loved the Utah quarter shot. NICE!

Sarah said...

fear not, we still love you.

and if you ain't workin' too late on Friday night, you should come up to PC for my last day of work celebration.

Maegan Burr said...

you were in Stansbury? I was in stansbury that night too. well thats where I live so I'm always in Stansbury but I was looking for blown down trees and such. did you see the paddle boat that flew into the house?

Elias said...

Hey Bruder!~ really like the Utah quarter shot!....

...Shawn White sees dead people...