Sunday, August 31, 2008

Choice Humanitarian Plane Crash

Choice Humanitarian held a small memorial for those killed in the recent plane crash in Guatemala. It was a very sad event. Accidents like plane crashes are hard enough, but there seems to be an added sadness when they affect a group like those last week; volunteers taking their own time and resources to help others. I met a few family members of Liz Valentiner-Johnson and was told by her brother about how humanitarian projects like these were family endeavors since they were kids. There isn't much to say, but the organization and families obviously lost some quality people. It was a nice memorial, just very emotional for many of the people there. This photo is of Liz Valentiner-Johnson's husband and son after he gave some very touching comments about his wife to those gathered.

To see the audio slideshow of the event please visit.,5587,5161,00.html

To read Lynn Wilde's story on the memorial please visit:,5143,700255005,00.html


Marz Mom said...

Mike - once again, your blog has brought tears to my eyes. It's not just your pictures either (which are incredibly amazing) it is your way with words. I hope someday you publish something so everyone can experience the emotions your words so eloquently express. You have a beautiful talent. Don't be a stinking stranger!!! Holly

David Brett said...

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