Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Deseret News - San Angelo Bureau Diaries, Day 1

Court yesterday was very interesting. Rarely do I step inside to listen but yesterday I sat in on two of the witness cross examinations. The state of Texas is working to place 8 FLDS kids into state custody on the basis of child abuse and negligence. The proceedings yesterday were very interesting, you wouldn't think someone pleading the fifth over and over would cause such a mood to thicken over an entire courtroom. Read Ben Winslow's story here and you can learn more about it. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/1,5143,700252024,00.html
It was courthouse duty again, hopefully this time around we can swing something else, but in all actuality the biggest news happening to the FLDS down here is at the courthouse. Today is the second day and could result in either Barbara and Merrill Jessop losing their kids to state custody, or CPS losing another battle stemming from the original raid last April. Getting dicey. If I ever forgot the importance of what is happening here and it's impact on the FLDS, sitting in the courtroom yesterday watching their faces and body as their family members and state rangers testified brought it all back. There were alot of hands on foreheads and closed eyes. I imagine Judge Walther will make a ruling today.


Tim Hussin said...

Say hi to Willie for me. And don't get too crazy with that Tundra.

Ariana said...

I love the first shot. It's so striking.


Laci said...

Mike your blog made my night after a rough day.... Your amazing at what you do and your stories intrigue me. Im so into this whole battle. And I have loved the book escape by Carrol Jessop it has given me so much insight. Go Carrol Go :)