Friday, August 22, 2008

San Angelo Bureau Diaries Day 4

Waiting to testify with attorneys standing behind.

Walking in, (Grand Jury cases do not permit the lawyer to stand with the client in the court room.)


Waiting on the path to be called in.

Words from an attorney.


Yesterday was the Grand Jury in Eldorado,Texas. The all day ordeal ended with three more indictments being handed down from the state. Photographically, it was a welcome change from the steps of the Tom Green Courthouse. I recognized the scene as very unique. Where else is the court house for such a high profile case too small to allow witnesses to wait inside? The members of the FLDS church subpoenaed sat at picnic tables outside the tiny one room courthouse in rural West Texas while they waited for their turn to stand before the court, sans lawyer. The view we were granted showed an aspect I have not been privy to so far in this story; attorneys interacting with their clients, as well as the persistent cheerful nature of many of the girls required to wait for what I imagine was nothing short of terrifying. As strong as the church members seem to be, throughout this entire ordeal, I felt the toll was apparent in Willie Jessops face after he stood before the court and talked with the media. He didn't look any less determined, just muted by the experience somehow. To read more about the proceedings click here,5143,700252793,00.html

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Duder, I love em. Again, great shots. I have a question and it would be great if you were kind enough to answer. How are you getting your pics to show so big on your blog? I really would like to do the same thing?