Sunday, December 27, 2009

Utah Post 9/11 : War(s) etc.

I just finished a video project on Utah after 9/11 for the paper. It was coupled with a small portrait series. I was very impressed with those I interviewed. From the General of the Utah National Guard to a married couple who were blocks from the Twin Towers when they were attacked, to parents of fallen soldiers, they all spoke so open and candidly with me.
I naturally thought how my life has changed since 9/11. When I was a kid I was interested in the decade of the 60s. From what I saw and read, it seemed like so much changed so quickly, and the things that did change were monumental.
I wonder what will be said about the last decade. I remember the morning of the attacks, it was my first semester at community college, and I remember the year following; the patriotism, the national reverence at all the memorials. I feel like it was an interesting time to be a college freshman. It all came to a point when almost exactly a year after the attacks I was moving back to Germany for two years for church service. It was a month or so after the US Congress had authorized the military to go into Iraq. The stewardess handed me a copy of the Frankfurter Allegemeine newspaper and the front page photo was a giant protest against the US going to war. I remember looking at that photo and realizing that I was entering a very different sea of opinions than post 9/11 America.
7-8 years later I am still wrestling with my opinions on the war(s) etc. I feel myself pulled to the moderate center, but then I feel like I use those words to dress up fence sitting. It is funny how since 9/11, the more I hear the resolute opinions of others, the less I want to have my own.

The video is HERE

The printed story is HERE


Meg said...

Nice work, and I'm sure at times, a little bit difficult.

RHS said...

"...the more I hear the resolute opinions of others, the less I want to have my own."

i couldn't agree more!

Miss said...


thats all I can say!!