Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fullmer Brother's Gym

Utah's famous boxing family, the Fullmers are in jeopardy of losing their gym. The brothers carry on a tradition of youth and professional boxing in West Jordan that started in the 1930s. I did a short video piece on the gym and one of their longtime fighters/patrons.

Check out the video HERE.

Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Mohammad Ali - The favorite And recently Mike Tyson was good. Thanks for reminding boxing again.

Steve Gravano said...

Excellent job with the video, heartfelt and sincere, hopefully it will help the Fullmers.

christy said...

hey mike. i saw this story on the news and wished there was something i could do to help. thanks for your video. do you know what the city ended up doing with the building?

Mike Terry said...

The city said they would provide the land for free if the brothers can build a facility. It is a good thing but still the brothers don't charge at the gym so they don't really have the funds to build anything. It is still all being debated at the moment. The city wants to use the building to house trucks, the brothers feel like it would be better to keep the gym where it is and build a cheaper facility for the trucks. Hopefully it works out, thanks for looking.